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    • 翻譯一小段文章成英文~~~~今天以前!!特急!!15點

      Internet coffee shop has become one of the most popular place for young people. The reason ...they lost their original life by spending 24 hours in the internet coffee shops. However, life surfing on the internet is vague, I think...

    • in which...

      ...flash/FW_fczl.swf 這句也可說成 While stepping into the coffee shop in which I found the lampligh was very gentle. = While...

    • 合併英文 1題

      Q:1. Lisa works at a coffee shop . The coffee shop is in another city . A:Lisa works in the coffee shop in another city. 麗莎再另一個城市的咖啡店工作!!(因為有兩個coffee shop所以可省掉一個)