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    coffee cake
  1. coffeecake

    • KK[ˋkɔfɪ͵kek]
    • DJ[ˋkɔ:fi͵keik]


    • n.
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    • 英文點心的名稱

      ...糖果 cappuccino- 卡布奇諾咖啡(加肉桂粉和熱牛奶) cheesecake - 起士蛋糕 coffee - 咖啡 coffee cake - 咖啡蛋糕 cone - (盛冰淇淋的)錐形蛋捲筒 cookies- 餅乾 doughnut - 甜甜圈...

    • 幫我修改這篇英文!!

      1> A new economic coffee and cake specialty store is 85°C. The popularity...we will introduce some informations of 85°C coffee and cake specialty store to you. Let me introduce some information...

    • 幫我看文法哪裡需要修正的~3/23前

      ...always drink coffee and take a break over there. Many people like to have some coffee and cakes at that shop. The coffee shop is always clean and tidy. There...