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  1. cogitative

    • KK[ˋkɑdʒə͵tetɪv]
    • DJ[ˋkɔdʒitətiv]


    • adj.
  2. 知識+

    • 請問「自己想自己對」的英文怎麼說呢

      ...事物 (精神食糧): food for thought 2008-06-22 04:50:42 補充: 個人覺得 cogitative 中文雖翻成深思的, 但是意義也許有些不同 通常cogitative 作"與思考有關的...

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      ...student experience too? Hope this appeal to ask for fact course students cogitative behind bring up idea .

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      I was born in a pristine village. I am proud that I am from there even though there is not advanced technolgy information in town. I have more wonderful childhood while compared to the children in cities. My parents...