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  1. coinages

    • coinage的名詞複數
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    • 社會語言....句子節取

      ...等等......) ◆ The Neo-Latin and Neo-Greek coinages adopted by European languages (and now, languages...

    • 法國人首先...? 中翻英急!

      幫我查英文翻譯的 拜託!不要在雅虎字典裡的 1. 法國人首先製造這個字 The first coinage of this word is by the French. 2. 法國人是首先製造這個字的人 The French are the first to coin this word.

    • 中翻英的高手救救我~~急(贈20點)

      ... by way of they can compete at this continuous variational condition , gotta coinage new manufacture , serve and flow . At the same time by way of appropriation predominance...