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  1. cold comfort

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    • 1. 不起(什麼)安慰作用的事物 After losing my job it was cold comfort to be told I'd won the office raffle. 我失去工作以後, 聽說我抽中了公司的獎券, 有同畫餅。
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    • What am I waiting for? 我要翻譯

      ...least. 但我知道至少我還在你心裡的某個位置 People would rather have cold comfort than cruel truth even if it is a lie. 人都寧可接受冷淡的對待也不願面對...

    • 請求英文歌詞的翻譯...

      ...這是真的我嗎? And will this be my child 這就是我的後果嗎? Cold cash comfort from my pocket 現金在我口袋裡安慰著我 Lights Eastern...

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      Amazonis making its S3 storage cloud available through both SOAP and REST andMicrosoft ensured that its Windows Azure cloud also supports those standards.Lastly, reliability can also...