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  1. cold deck

    • n.
      a deck of cards which has been dishonestly arranged beforehand.;a pile of logs stored away from the immediate area where logging is taking place.
    • noun: cold deck, plural noun: cold decks

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      ...the bikini swim suit, ultra sex appeal, otherwise is has the deck chair to the swimming pool nearby, lies down scratches...already entered the winter, but I was not sensitive to cold or like this movement!

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      規格 框架 大小49公分, 52公分,五十四公分,五六公分,五八公分,六十一公分 顏色 碳/白 主框架monoque的C - 4碳與自訂單向型碳strands ,綜合鋁cupped頭管,雙水瓶架。 後方三角的C - 4碳停留與形坐調諧能量轉移chainstay ,冷偽造輟學帶有可...

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      樓上說的對, 'd就 "ed" 的簡寫 (weather'd = weathered, ribbon'd = ribboned, anchor'd = anchored). 這個用法大部分是用在詩裡面, 以配合詩的朗讀韻律. 補充: 這首詩的主要的內容是描述一位船長, 帶領船員順利通過了危險的遠航到達了終點站, 卻在船到達港之前不幸...