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    fight with cold steel

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    • CRS/CHS 材料中文是?

      ...幫您查詢了一下 1. 2.5/.098 tick cold rolled stee (CRS) 應該是cold rolled "steel",不是"stee"吧? 這個指的是是冷軋鋼管,化學成分:C 0...

    • 請勿用翻譯程式翻譯 要外國人看的懂的

      ... specialized in manufacturing make-up machine for automatic cold rolled steel plate and customized service and second-hand sales and maintenance...

    • 艾菲爾鐵塔介紹中翻英

      ... more attractive, its elegant structural design – the transformation of ice-cold steel into an aesthetic figure, has won itself the name of “la madame...