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  1. collect

    • IPA[kəˈlekt]



    • vt.
      收集; 採集;收藏
    • vi.
    • adv.
    • 過去式:collected 過去分詞:collected 現在分詞:collecting

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 片語


    • 1. 收集; 採集
    • 2. 收藏
    • 3. 使鎮定 to collect one's thoughts 冷靜下來 to collect one's wits 鎮定思緒
    • 4. 積聚起 to collect one's courage 鼓起勇氣 to collect one's strength 奮力
    • 5. 接收 I put out a bucket to collect some rainwater 我把一個水桶放在外面接些雨水 a substance that collects moisture from the air 一種吸收空氣中水分的物質
    • 6. 積聚 this skirt always collects dog hairs 這條裙子老是粘狗毛
    • 7. 收取 the landlord collects the rent on Fridays 房東逢週五收房租
    • 8. 獲取 she went up to collect her prize 她走上前去領獎 when will she be able to start collecting her pension? 她甚麼時候能開始領退休金?
    • 9. 募集
    • 10. 收; 領取 ‘buyer collects’ “買家自提” to collect the mail or post 取郵件
    • 11. 接; 取


    • 1. 聚集 by the time the police arrived, a small crowd had collected 警察趕到時,已經聚集起了一小群人
    • 2. 聚積
    • 3. 獲得大筆款項


    • 1. 由接收人付款 to call (sb.) collect (給某人)打由受話人付費的電話


    1. bring or gather together (a number of things)

    2. come together and form a group

    3. accumulate over a period of time

    4. call for and take away; fetch

    5. ask for and receive (charitable donations)

    6. regain control of oneself, typically after a shock

    7. concentrate (one's thoughts)


    「1. bring or gather together (a number of things)」的反義字

    「2. come together and form a group」的反義字

    「3. accumulate over a period of time」的反義字

    「4. call for and take away; fetch」的反義字

    「5. ask for and receive (charitable donations)」的反義字

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