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    • 請幫我把這首歌翻譯成中文

      WHEN LOVE AND HATE COLLIDE 愛恨交織 You could have a change of heart...inside 無法停止內心的痛楚 When love and hate collide 當愛恨交織時 I don't wanna fight no...

    • Tobymac "City on our knees"歌詞

      ...s the night 就在今晚 For the sinners and the saints 罪人和聖人 Two worlds collide in a beautiful display 兩個世界 在一個美麗的畫面中 相互撞擊 It's all up tonight 一切就在今晚 ...

    • 歌詞翻譯,請英文高手幫忙糾正。

      ... love to see everybody 我愛看著每個人 When two worlds collide 每當雙方人馬互相牴觸時 You get the people and the government 你要說服...