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  1. collision

    • IPA[kəˈlɪʒ(ə)n]


    • n.
      an instance of one moving object or person striking violently against another;a conflict between opposing ideas, interests, or factions
    • noun: collision, plural noun: collisions

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    • Collision Damage Waiver Full是啥

      collsion damage waiver(CDW)碰撞險~ full extended protection(EP) 個人延伸保障保險;累似台灣的第三責任險(LIABILITY INSURANCE)~ 租車比較沒有分全險(FULL COVERAGE)~會拆成很多細項,看租車人要買那些,美國有些州規定都不一樣~全買...


      Collision in multiple access medium probably is non-issue nowadays, especially most layer 2 devices are store and forward...wait. See also the details below. Besides, if the host experiences the second collision, what would be the range of the possible number of slot-time for this host to wait before the third trial...

    • deprotonated 的中文翻譯

      Collision induced dissociation of deprotonated glycolic acid 原句中文意思是:(由於某種...