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  1. colonies

    • colony的名詞複數
    • 相關詞
    • n.[C] 殖民地

    • India was once a British colony. 印度曾是英國的殖民地。

    • n. 殖民地; 殖民地居民

    • ph. 成群地,群居地

    • ph. 英國直轄殖民地

    • ph. 獨佔殖民地

    • n. 麻風病隔離區

    • ph. 英國直轄殖民地

    • ph. 蜂群

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    • 原文微生物學翻譯

      Master plate eith colonies of bacteria containing cloned... eith replica of master plate to identify colonies containing gene of interest. 將底片(+)與...

    • He is host to colonies ...??

      He is host to colonies of fat black lice, hopping fleas, bloated tics, wriggling worms and stink-bodied cockroaches that infest every dank crevice of his wretched frame

    • 麻請專家幫我翻譯下列句子的中文意思,謝謝

      ... the environmental impact of fifty tourists turning up at a penguin colony or historic hut may be minimal, 800 to 1,000 is a different story. 雖然五十...