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  1. color compensating


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    • [英文]中翻英!生病內容

      ... and Dad saw my facial color was very poor; So they brought ... the final examination. Had to use a compensated exam. When I got sick and couldn'...

    • 急急急!!!介系詞填充~10點

      ...__with____ a small town. 61.The broker must be compensated __for___his services. 62.He ... desk is different from yours_____of________ color. 73.His income is roughly equivalent___from...

    • 這段英文翻成中文

      ...activation. Participants switched voluntarily between color naming 轉換成本作為標記的持續激活。自願參加...從一個任務 to another rather than the time needed to compensate for persisting activation. 到另一個,而不是所需要...