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  1. colorectal cancer

    • n.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 大腸癌;結腸直腸癌 A friend of mine stopped playing mahjong after learning that he had colorectal cancer. 我有一個朋友在得知他有大腸癌之後就再也不打麻將了。
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    • 急!!(英文)統計生活相關中翻英 請大家幫忙翻譯

      In order to understand whether colorectal cancer and the number of days ...b) in the form of record as follows: Colorectal cancer patients: Non-colorectal cancer...

    • 急! 請幫我翻出正確中文!

      Polyamines 多胺reverse non-steroidal非類固醇anti-inflammatory消炎 drug-induced toxicity毒性in human colorectal結腸直腸癌cancer cells.  多胺能逆轉非類固醇消炎藥在人類結腸直腸癌細胞所引起的毒性反應

    • 中翻英-醫生簡歷(需翻醫學專有名詞)

      ...intestinal obstruction, abdominal pain, hemorrhage, intestinal failure) 2. gastrointestinal surgery (large colorectal cancer, anal canal, ulcer, abscess, hemorrhoids, gastric ulcer perforation and ...