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    • 英文動畫小紅帽的翻譯

      ...not to waste time she stop to pick up a few of the beautiful flowers, watch the colorful butterflies fly about for a while and listen to the frogs ...

    • 需要中翻英口語化

      ...environmental protection! 5. work is mainly characterized by spindle picture colorful dress to attract people watch dog, and then people watch the poster to attract more ...

    • New York Times 的翻譯

      ...編劇偶而似乎要嘲笑「南方四賤客」和其他比較反俗的一些動畫影集中,經常出現的病態幽默。 In one episode ... vehicles turn out to be a slow-moving, colorful parade, to the delight of SpongeBob and the ...