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  1. colour bar


    • n.
      a social system in which black and other non-white people are denied access to the same rights, opportunities, and facilities as white people.;a strip on printed material or a screen display showing a range of colours, used to ensure that all colours are printed or displayed correctly.
    • noun: colour bar, plural noun: colour bars

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    • 急~麻煩翻譯這篇文章 謝謝~

      應該是:Percentage of preschoolers' answers that were erroneous.才對吧?! 學齡前兒童答題錯誤的比例: 亮色條表示兒童斷言一件錯誤的事情發生; 深色條表示兒童宣稱實際觀察到沒有這回事; 細紋條表示儘管有溫和的勸阻,兒童堅持有見到這事

    • 一段有關設計的摘要翻譯

      ...research will compare the identification behavior between the two and discuss the experience of color mobile bar-code which is merged into daily life.

    • 這內容是說什麼 英翻中

      ...處理 - 請讓她跟金屬邊平整, 像戒指樣本一樣 Enamel should have 1 row of color on sides of bar like artwork-samples does not have and needs to be adjusted...