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  1. colour film

    • ph.
      【英】彩色片(= 【英】color film)
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    • (20) good night , good luck

      ... movie, although released in black and white, was filmed on color film stock but on a grayscale set, and was later color corrected to...

    • 這題的答案是不是錯了(

      ... or capable of producing colors; - Example: "color film" - Example: "he rented a color television" - Example...

    • 電影的相關英文?

      ...投射式寬銀幕電影 cinerama, Cinerama 西尼瑪立體聲寬銀幕電影, 全景電影 colour film (美作:color film)彩色片 2006-05-28 23:21:22 補充: dracula movie 恐怖片 ...