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  1. combustion chamber


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    • 汽車相關英文翻譯

      ...quot; is the force that is parallel with combustion chamber wall and ring surface. In a word, tangential load... application is NOT in internal combustion engine. Hence, I can only give you an...

    • 航空英文,單字,誰幫我英文翻中文阿?

      ...axial compressor 軸向流壓縮機 6.reduction gearbox 減速齒輪箱 7.exhaust duct 排氣管 8.combustion chamber 燃燒室 9.inlet screen 內嵌螢幕 10.accessory gearbox 輔助齒輪箱 http://www.grc.nasa...

    • 請提供我車子零件的英文單字

      ...機油尺    oil dip-stick機動自行車    moped機罩    bonnet; hood燃燒室    combustion chamber頭檔    first gear; first speed gear內胎    inner tube內燃機    internal...