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    • 請問有這個片語嗎Sth. comes to its own.

      ...into" one's own,不是to;你的標題打錯了,不過文中的例句是對的。come into one's own 在Longman字典上的定義為:to become very good, useful, or important in a particular...

    • possession的用法

      ...of the house. = The house came into his possession. (那棟房子落入他手中. ) sth+be in one's possession ex. The manuscript...the state of having or owning sth 具有; 擁有參閱: http://zh...

    • 自問自答很有趣嗎?(中翻英)

      ...we can put it as: To answer one's own question. 如果是故意提出一個問題...惡習最近都跑來英文版了? How come so evil a practice had stolen into the English forum? 自問自答...