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    • 請幫我翻譯英文~ ( 簡單的,不多 )

      ...琴鍵上來回舞動,音符隨著指尖的跳動而竄出來了。 M usical notes come out as fingers dance back and forth on the black and white keys.( 音符 隨著指尖在黑白琴鍵上來回舞動 而竄出來...

    • white horse歌詞英翻中(急)

      ...抱歉 That face of an angel comes out just when you need it to. 有必要... paced back and forth all this time 我一直以來都在 and your white horse to come around. 現在你想回心轉意帶上你...

    • 花開這個句子的英文(要用S.+不及物動詞+Adv.)

      動詞+名詞 put out [ put forth ] flowers, bear flowers, bear blossoms, produce blossoms 名詞+動詞 flowers bloom [ blossom, come out ] 形容詞+名詞 flourishing flowers 另一種說法 the state / time...