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    • 1. 發生 Can you tell me how the accident came about? 你能告訴我事故是怎樣發生的嗎? How did it come about that he knew where we were? 他是怎麼知道我們在什麼地方的呢?
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    • 求設計一段逛士林夜市的英語對話

      .... Zack: Oh, that’s the Flurry Ice, we will come back for it after we had something salty first. John: Okay. Mia: How about that one over there? It’s the Stir-fly squid booth. John...

    • 英文的助動詞和其他的一些詞用法?(10點)

      ...寧願,寧肯 I would as soon you didn't tell me about that. 我寧可你不告訴我那件事...過去式,表示過去未來式)將 She said she would come. 她說過她會來的。 2. (表示意志)願,要;偏要 ...

    • 10點!very 和 much的用法???

      ...副詞用very,動詞用(very) much 加強。 I very much hope you'll be able to come. He walked very fast. We're very sorry about that. He walked very fast. 2.形容詞、副詞的比較級用 much 或 far加強...