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  1. come across with sth.

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    • 1. 【舊】【口】給或交給(錢、資料等) He owes me five pounds but I doubt if he'll ever come across with it. 他欠我五英鎊, 我懷疑是否能還給我(這筆錢)。
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    • 請幫我整理高中常見英語片語

      ...產生 bring in sth 獲得利潤 bring sth off 把困難事做成功 bring up 養育/教養 bring about使...發生 come about發生 come across =run into = run across = bump into偶遇...a cold感冒 catch up跟上 do away with擺脫/廢除 draw one's attention...

    • 誰可以給我多一點的英文名句 / 諺語 / 成語 ??? across- to meet sb or find sth unexpectedly While game he ran across an old classmate from his...for 5 days. to part with-to give away; to sell; to the neck. He always comes up with strange ideas...

    • 分詞構句&分詞片語

      ...the first place.(1)I think you should be familiar with a gerund, but not necessarily with “a gerund with a subject ahead...frank, I have always been a grammar guy, only now with a more open mind, accepting what the natives...