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    • last的詞性和意思

      last adj. Coming after all others in time, place, order, or the like. 最後的...流行品。 to the last man 直到最後一個人。 adv. After all others. 最後地。 On the time or occasion...

    • 英文片語 <--中文意思 幫! 15點

      ... for help. 蘇珊要求幫助。 5. after all 畢竟 So you've come after all! 你到底還是來了! 6. above all 尤其 He longs above all (else...

    • <<急>>求英文文章 有關chinese new year

      ...among Chinese when the Chinese New Year is coming. After all of this, people usually prepare a lot of food for the New Year Eve...