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  1. come along

    • ph.
      arrive;said when encouraging someone or telling them to hurry up
  2. 知識+

    • 中翻英Come along yo two love-bird

      ...極為恩愛而名,常作寵物飼養) 2. (常用複數)情侶 yo【唷!】(表示鼓勵,警告) come along有3種解釋。本句適用第3種解釋,「出現」。 1. 一起來 He came...

    • 英翻中,好像是美國的習慣用語

      ...兜風,真正的意思不是這樣的。 Just come along for the ride. 或做 Go along for the ride...friend won an award. I'm just coming along for the ride. A: 你來做什麼? B...

    • [文法] 句子連接問題

      ... herself to withstand any discomfort that could come along, discomfort of either body or mind. 像這樣子把 [discomfort...discomfort, [which is] either bodily or mental, that could come along. 兩者都對,不過逗號間夾著的是discomfor的修飾語 2012...