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    • 求英文翻譯 勿翻譯機

      ...冬天來了之後所有綠色的東西都會死掉? And then why did they all come back to life the next spring ? 又為什麼過了一年他們又都再次重生? 2009-09-12 13:41:50 補充...

    • 請問這三句文法有錯嗎?

      ...experience? 用完成式來問曾經有過嗎會比較恰當。 Is it possible that a person can come back to life after he/she died? Is it possbile that one can come back to life after one...

    • 急20點(英文翻譯)拜託幫我翻譯一下

      come back to the earth as another person after you die 死...地球 carry over into our later lives 繼續存在我們以後的生命裡 we’re here... 食用新鮮的水果和蔬菜 try to have a balanced diet 試著飲食...