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  1. come down on

    • ph.
      criticize or punish someone harshly
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    • ph.
      criticize or punish someone harshly

    Oxford Dictionary

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    • nope can come down.英翻中???

      ...沒有人做出完整的回答,那老雲就來小試身手啦! Nope (, I ) can come down. 不用了,我可以過去那邊。 Same here, but I would like to chat on networking site. Create an account on XXX 我也是呢,不過...

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      ... tighter as new directives have come down on more intrusive pat downs to prevent the ...with the hassles and public humiliation that pat downs can and have caused the travelling public...

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      ...again 在海平面上 Kim又再度看到那雙黑色的眼睛 A hand came down on her arm and held on to her. ㄧ隻手來到了她的手臂然後...