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  1. come down upon

    • ph.
      申斥, 責罵; 抨擊;強行要求; 向...索取
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    • 1. 申斥, 責罵; 抨擊 The teacher came down on her for talking in class. 由於上課時講話, 老師嚴厲地批評了她。
    • 2. 強行要求; 向...索取 He came down on us for payment. 他逼著我們付錢。
    • 3. 懲罰
    • 4. (突然)襲擊 Such things rarely come down on you. 這種事很少會落到你頭上。


    申斥, 責罵; 抨擊

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      ...he destroyed his career at a press conference. What a misery came down upon him. From a shinning ad solicitor star, he became a unemployed...

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      ...建於[歷史時期](C) go in for 參加(D) look down upon 小看 [解釋]由此此語意看來,答案選(B) date back... in school when she was sick. →(A) come down with染上[疾病] (B) run out of用完 (C...