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  1. come down with

    • vt.
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    • 請幫我翻譯這句英文 !

      ...暫時的 這句英文其實有更好的表達方式如下 Thirteen children came down with the viral infection, so the nursery had to be closed temporarily .

    • down with 用法

      ...仍然支持某人 2009-09-24 10:50:40 補充: 喔 對了 down 是副詞 with 是介係詞 加在一起使用變成 複合副詞片語 無論 動詞 或 ㄧ般動詞 都是正常的 就像 : I come from America. = I am from ...

    • 幫我用英文片語造個句子....拜託..20點..急用! with other classmates more often. (你應該多與其他同學接觸。) 14~ come down with(=suffer from) 病倒 He is coming down with a bad cold. (他因...