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    • where do you come from 跟 wher

      Where do you come from?意思是:你從什麼國家/地方來的?也就是說,你是哪裡人?Where ...地方來的?         我從台灣來的。             Where did you come from?   I came from the post office.妳剛剛是從哪裡來的...

    • i come from Taiwan.跟 另一句

      ...外國自我介紹,絕對用不到 I am coming from Taiwan. 它本身正確,但有特殊使用場合...通知朋友,你可以這麼說: I am coming from Taiwan. 我會從台灣出發。 但自我介紹...

    • Where does English come from?

      ...language. Germanic-speaking peoples from northwest Germany (Saxons and Angles...that English retains some traits from a Celtic substratum. Later, it was ...