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  1. come from behind

    • ph.
      win after lagging
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    • 請幫我解釋一下這句英文

      A dark horse candidate came from behind to win the elections. dark horse: 黑馬...意思是「黑馬姿態的候選人; 異軍突起的候選人」 come from behind to win 原先落後卻超前勝出; 逆轉勝 come from...

    • 翻譯:Beats catching butterflies

      1. Haven’t you ever heard of a come from behind win? 你沒有聽過後來居上嗎? 你沒有聽過先輸後贏嗎? 太口語的句型。應...

    • 請問英文- come out 是什麼意思呢??????

      come out 有很多含意, 要看上下文來決定是哪一個意思. 1. 出現 The moon came out from behind the clouds. 月亮從雲後露出臉來。 2. 出版, 上映 When will ...