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  1. come into

    • vt.
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    • 1. 繼承 to come into a fortune 繼承一筆財產
    • ph.
      引起注意 His drawings have come into public notice. 他的畫已引起公眾的注意。
    • ph.
      開始被使用 This method has come into wide use in this area. 這方法在這一地區已被廣泛使用。 When did the word radio come into common use? “radio”一詞何時開始被普遍使用?
    • ph.
      開始存在, 誕生 This theory came into being in 1960. 這一理論產生於1960年。 When did the world come into being? 世界是何時開始存在的?
    • ph.
      被討論 A new point came into question. 討論到新的論點了。
    • ph.
      (尤指法律、規則等)生效, 實施 The new tax regulations came into effect last month. 新稅法是上個月生效的。 The new seat-belt regulations came into effect last week. 新的安全帶規則上週開始實施。
    • ph.
      (使某事物)生效, 起作用 When does the plan come into operation? 這項計劃什麼時候實施?
    • ph.
      長葉 Trees come into leaf in spring. 樹木在春天長葉子。
    • ph.
      開始存在 We do not know when the world came into existence. 我們不知道這個世界是何時出現的。 The company came into existence 20 years ago. 這家公司成立於二十年前。
    • ph.
      (開始)起作用 The new rules have already come into play. 新規則已經開始生效。 Personal feelings should not come into play when one has to make business decisions. 為公事作決策不應攙雜個人情感。
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