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  1. come into existence


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    • 1. 開始存在;成立 The company came into existence 20 years ago. 這家公司成立於二十年前。
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    • there is no knowing when human

      1. 無從得知人類是何時開始存在的。 2. <There is no V-ing ...>是動名詞的慣用法,表示【無法~】 There is no knowing... 無從知曉 There is no denying that...無可否認 There is no...

    • 跪求幾段英文翻譯 中翻英 into this world, the mother has to endure a lot of pain, To have you come into existence Love is a kind of huge fire (Romain Rolland) ...

    • friendship

      ...word “friendship “or how you look at both of your “pure friendship” It comes into existence as you said “pure friendship”, but there's always a test in front of you two...