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  1. come into one's own

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    • 1. 獲得應有的榮譽(或承認、名聲等) This car really comes into its own on rough ground. 這輛汽車在顛簸的路上才真正顯示出它獨特的性能。 She really comes into her own when someone is ill. 有人生病時才真正看出她的為人。
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    • 請問有這個片語嗎Sth. comes to its own.

      這個片語應該是come "into" one's own,不是to;你的標題打錯了,不過文中..., a four-wheel drive vehicle really comes into its own.四輪傳動的車子在結冰的路面真的很好用...

    • possession的用法

      ...人贓俱獲。)She is in possession of the house. (她是那房子的持有人。) sth+come into one's possession ex. On her father's death, she came into...

    • 請問有人可以幫我造英文造句嗎??.....急需.....拜託

      ...提供你做參考  I will give you something for your's own+N. 自己的  Remember to take everything into one's own hands.3.wait for 等待  Could you wait for me?4...