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  1. come of

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    • 1. 出身於 She comes of a rich family. 她出身富裕家庭。
    • 2. 由...引起 We don't know if anything good will come of your decision. 我們不知道你的決定是否會帶來好處。
  2. 知識+

    • come out或come out of或out of ??

      The class genius comes out of a tough exam looking cool and collected. 這...滿難的考試出來。」 out 是副詞。come out 是「出來」,come out of ~是「從~出來」。這裡是說,從考試出來,用 comes...

    • Whatever may come out of it

      我想應該是 『不管結論(結果)會如何』

    • 請幫我看看英文文法對不對..急!

      The coming of the great company is the immortality brand of world. 「Root of the land...bicycle company in the world . In progress itself constantly, the logos of administer professedly, it shows the best combination of the accounts...