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  1. come off

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      從某物上掉下; 從某物上脫落或分離;【口】舉行; 發生
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    • 1. 從某物上掉下; 從某物上脫落或分離 Does this knob come off? No, it's fixed on permanently. “這個把手能拆下來嗎?”“不能, 那是固定的。” These stains won't come off, I'm afraid. 我看, 這些污點去不掉。
    • 2. 【口】舉行; 發生 Lipstick often comes off on wine glasses. 口紅經常能印到酒杯上。 When's the wedding coming off? 婚禮什麼時候舉行?
    • 3. 【口】(指計劃、方案等)成功; 達到預期的效果或結果 Her attempt to break the world record nearly came off. 她想要打破世界紀錄, 已接近成功。 The film doesn't quite come off. 這部電影不很成功。
    • 4. 【口】(後接副詞)進展; 進行 He always comes off badly in fights. 他在拳擊比賽中總是很糟糕。 Who came off best in the debate? 在辯論中誰最出色?
    • 5. 離開 Please come off the grass. 請離開草地。
    • 6. (指錢數)從(價錢)中減去 I've heard that ten pence a gallon is coming off the price of petrol. 我聽說汽油價格每加侖要減十便士。
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    • Come off it! 是什麼意思啊?

      come off it 1. 別騙我了;別裝蒜了; 別胡扯了 例句: A: I'm so sorry that I ate the last cookie. 對不起,我把最後一塊餅乾吃掉了。 B: Come off it! You did that on purpose! 別騙我了,你是故意的! 2. 住口...

    • 請問coming off, hyper-aroused的翻譯

      "coming off caffeine" come off:脫離, 脫離咖啡因(存留於體內)的情況. "hyper-...

    • Come off it! 是什麼意思?

      Come off it! 少來這一套! Oh, come off it! You can't expect me to believe that nonsense! 喔,少來這一套!別以為我會相信這些胡說八道!