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  1. come off

    • vi.
      掉下; 摔下;脫落; 剝落
    • vt.
      從…上掉下; 從…上掉落; 摔下;駛離
    • 釋義


    • 1. 掉下; 摔下
    • 2. 脫落; 剝落 the label won't come off 標籤撕不下來 to come off on sth. 印到…上
    • 3. 被脫掉; 被取下 my ring won't come off 我的戒指脫不下來了
    • 4. 被去掉 to come off with a damp cloth 被用濕布擦去 indelible ink doesn't come off 不褪色墨水是擦不掉的
    • 5. 駛離公路 to come off at junction 2 在2號岔口駛下高速公路
    • 6. 被換下場
    • 7. 舉行; 舉辦; 發生 did your trip to France ever come off? 你的法國之旅成行了嗎?
    • 8. 成功
    • 9. 停演 to come off after two weeks 兩週後停演


    • 1. 從…上掉下; 從…上掉落; 摔下
    • 2. 駛離 to come off the motorway at ... 在…處駛離高速公路
    • 3. 從…上脫落; 從…上剝落
    • 4. 可從…卸下 do the legs come off the table? 桌子腿可以卸下來嗎? the lid won't come off the jar 罈子蓋打不開
    • 5. 從…上被除去 the stains came off his shirt 他襯衣上的污漬洗掉了
    • 6. 從…中被減去 3% has come off interest rates 利率已下降了3%
    • 7. 停下 to come off the case 停下手頭的案子
  2. 知識+

    • Come off it! 是什麼意思啊?

      come off it 1. 別騙我了;別裝蒜了; 別胡扯了 例句: A: I'm so sorry that I ate the last cookie. 對不起,我把最後一塊餅乾吃掉了。 B: Come off it! You did that on purpose! 別騙我了,你是故意的! 2. 住口...

    • 請問coming off, hyper-aroused的翻譯

      "coming off caffeine" come off:脫離, 脫離咖啡因(存留於體內)的情況. "hyper-...

    • Come off it! 是什麼意思?

      Come off it! 少來這一套! Oh, come off it! You can't expect me to believe that nonsense! 喔,少來這一套!別以為我會相信這些胡說八道!