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  1. come out

    • ph.
      停止工作; 罷工;(指少女)初進社交界
    • 釋義


    • 1. 停止工作; 罷工 The miners have come out on strike. 礦工已罷工。
    • 2. (指少女)初進社交界 Fiona came out last season. 菲奧納上一季初次參加社交活動。 a coming-out ball 少女初進社交界舞會
    • 3. (指太陽、月亮或星星)露出, 出現 The rain stopped and the sun came out. 雨停了, 太陽出來了。
    • 4. (指花朵等)開始長出, 吐艷, 開花 The crocuses came out late this year because of the cold weather. 因為天氣寒冷, 今年藏紅花開得晚。
    • 5. 出版或發表 When is her new novel coming out? 她的新小說何時問世?
    • 6. (指消息、真相等)周知, 傳出, 透露 The full story came out at the trial. 事件的始末在審判時才真相大白。 It came out that he'd been telling a pack of lies. 後來才知道他一直在說謊。
    • 7. (指照片)顯影, 顯出, 洗出 Our holiday photos didn't come out. 我們假日的照片沖洗不出來(如因膠卷有毛病)。
    • 8. 顯示得或表示得很清楚 The bride comes out well in the photographs. 像片上新娘照得很好。 His arrogance comes out in every speech he makes. 他每次講話都顯得很傲慢.
    • 9. (指詞語、言論等)說出, 講出 My statement didn't come out quite as I had intended. 我說出的話和我原先想要表達的意思不盡相同。
    • 10. (指算數題、問題等)解出, 解決 I can't make this equation come out. 我不會解這個方程式。
    • 11. 公開表白是同性戀者 She's been much happier since she came out. 她公開了自己是同性戀者以後就快活多了。
    • 12. (在測驗、考試等中)得某名次 She came out first in the examination. 她考試得第一名。
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      come out 有很多含意, 要看上下文來決定是哪一個意思. 1. 出現 The moon came out from behind the clouds. 月亮從雲...表明同志身份時,稱為「走出衣櫃」 (Come out of the closet),簡稱「出櫃」,又叫...

    • come outcome out of或out of ??

      The class genius comes out of a tough exam looking cool and collected. 這句話語意很清晰...exam 是一個簡單句,「班上的天才,從一個滿難的考試出來。」 out 是副詞。come out 是「出來」,come out of ~是「從~出來」。這裡是說,從考試出來,用 comes...

    • 「I'm coming out」是什麼意思?

      I'm coming out >> 我要出來了; 我快要出來了 這句還要看上下文決定其語氣, 但基本上, filtered water, And pictures of you and i'm not coming out(我不出來) Until this is all over And i'm looking...