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  1. come out at

    • vt.
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    • 1. 共計 to come out at a rate of 3% 總計費率為3%
    • ph.
      合計成本(或費用、總數) The total cost comes out at 500 pounds. 總計費用為500英鎊。
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    • 請問英文- come out 是什麼意思呢??????

      ... shocked. 消息傳來,人人都感到震驚。 5. 總計 The total came out at 1010. 總數算出來為一千零十。 6. Come out 現身 同志常用「在衣櫃裡...

    • break come.....

      ... wasn't originally cast in X-Men, however.His break came when another actor backed out at the last minute. 他本來沒有演X-Men的 因為另一個演員臨時退出...

    • 不懂得英文句子合併該加who還which

      ... two ghosts who walk through the house. 3.      One ghost comes out at nigh. He is called Sir Jack.One ghost...