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    • 片語造句~~~

      ...classmate before long. 4. behind the times→落伍(= out of date) (如需用動詞就可用 fall behind 落後) My...the times. 5. bring round→甦醒 (bring around, come to one's sensescome around也可以) He fainted...

    • 請問能幫我修正錯誤嘛?((拜託了15點

      ... today's activity. (我覺得comes out可以刪掉) Meanwhile...hard, so she's always at the top of our class. ( 's 刪掉...very tan, and she has a good sense of humor. She is...

    • 幫忙一下 以下的英文造句

      ... a great collection of china. 2.A sense of achievement : Studying graduate degree fulfilled my sense of achievement. 3. A variety of : There are a variety of fruit in Taiwan . 4.Abide by...