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  1. come out strike


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    • 來解答~英文單字中文、詞性、動詞變化

      As the storm STRUCK ,we came into the camp... Answer: struckstrike 的過去式, 當作動詞用, 其意義... had 34 striks out of a total of 40 pitches. (王健民40...

    • 中翻英 (20點)

      ...the money sees heavy. 5.This kind of grateful the thing how you do of come out, not afraid is struck by lightning?

    • 可以請幫我翻譯嗎? 拜託很急很急

      ... families should come out with some basic familiy values...collapse even when small matters come. 在這些情勢下,我們能清楚地看到...unimaginable what would happen if a big problem strikes down to an unbonded family. 而且,因為...