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  1. come over dizzy

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    • 1. 【口】突然感到頭暈目眩(或昏倒、發暈等) I suddenly came over queer and had to lie down. 我突然感到身體眩暈, 只好躺下。
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    • 大家說英文生字2007年11月份

      ...5.When he got up he felt dizzy. 他站起來時覺得頭暈。 6.The policeman to smoke. 吸煙是違反校規的。 13.He came over to chat and play cards. 他過來聊天,打牌...

    • 英翻中..還有一些文法問題

      ...think I'm more grown-up than my dizzy mother . (我也許不知道如何付帳單及協助管理整個動物...when I feel all grown-up , I still come over all dopey and shy when people give me compliments...

    • 英文句子翻譯(非翻譯機翻譯)

      ...: Do not return after thoroughly enjoying oneself to come to the evening market in vain. p.s希望你喜歡︿︿