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  1. come over to sth.

    • ph.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 改變立場或意見等 She will never come over to our side. 她決不會站到我們這邊來。
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    • How to do sth ?

      ...the toast into the oven or the toaster to reheat until golden brown.把吐司放進..., you: spread the butter over each slice of the toast (one side each...兩片吐司中間。 Then, here comes the tasty sandwich! Yummy!

    • 英文用字與用法

      ...動詞連用),在此指“from one side of Sth to the other side”,後面再加個to... took her over to the hospital because she invited Lucia to come over to my house.

    • 誰可以給我35個phrasal verb(片語)(20點)?

      ...fall over 跌倒 18. get over sbdy or sth 康復,復原 19. turn over; turn sbdy or sth over 翻過去 20. come round 順道拜訪 21. be up to sbdy 由……決定 22. be up to sth do somthing 23. blow up; blow sbdy or...