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  1. come to


    • ph.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 共計 The bill came to $20. 帳單共計二十美元。
    • 2. 涉及 When it comes to German, I know nothing. 談到德語,我一竅不通。
    • 3. 甦醒過來 When she came to, she could not, for a moment, recognize the surroundings. 她甦醒過來時,一下子認不出自己在什麼地方。
    • 4. 被繼承 The house came to him when his parents passed away. 父母過世後,房子就歸他了。
    • 5. 達成 They have come to a decision. 他們已作出決定。
    • 6. 停住;下錨
  2. 知識+

    • come to me的翻譯 謝謝20點

      Come to me=被我想起,回到我身邊, Come to=a)有關;論及某項。(b...醒,清醒 ⑵『航海』使船朝迎风方向 come on to=開始 『Baby Come To Me(抱抱我)』, Baby Come To Me(Featuring...

    • come to?在這裡的意思是?

      come to (ph.) 是個片語. 它的意思有: 1.共計 The bill comes to $40. 2.(用在when it comes to的...lady. After one month marriage, she come to realize that she become pregnant. It...

    • 口語英文:Come to Momma

      Come to mama這句話大致上是有「來吧,來到我這」的意思。當然,如用不同的語氣...有點不同的意思了。 像: #1 一隻小狗的主人,雙手張開,呼叫小狗過來"Come to Mama"。 在這場合裡,小狗的主人算是小狗的父母親,所以用在這...