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  1. come to

    • vi.
      蘇醒; 回過神; 醒來;停住
    • vt.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 蘇醒; 回過神; 醒來 she's coming to 她開始蘇醒了
    • 2. 停住


    • 1. 共計 what did the bill come to? 賬單總共多少錢?
    • 2. 得到結果 will it come to a fight? 會打起來嗎? to come to nothing 沒有結果
    • 3. 涉及 when it comes to sth. 說到某事物 when it comes to work, he’s useless 說到工作,他一無是處
    • 4. 被…想到 it'll come to me soon 我很快就會想起來的 it suddenly came to her that ... 她突然意識到…