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  1. come to one's senses

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    • 1. 醒悟過來 We hope he'll come to his senses and correct his mistakes. 我們希望他能覺悟,改正錯誤。


    「ph. 醒悟過來」的反義字

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      ... teacher's dress is always behind the times. 5. bring round→甦醒 (bring around, come to one's sensescome around也可以) He fainted at the hearing of the news and brought (a...

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      1. to one's surprise 出乎某人的意料之外 2. a green finger(通常前面是用某人有a green...take something for granted 視某事為理所當然 8. come up with 想出 9. catch one's eye 吸引某人的目光 10. in a sense 就某種觀點來說

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      ... graduate degree fulfilled my sense of achievement. 3. A variety of : There ... for: Could you please give an example to account for your statement in details? 6....