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  1. come to pass


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    • 1. 發生;實現 How exactly did that come to pass? 那是怎麼發生的?
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    • 請問這句話的意思?If this comes to pass

      這句話, 有個比較tricky的地方.就是第二句 there will be little difference between Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao. little 和a little用法不太一樣 little通常是用在否定的意思, 所以應該要翻譯沒有什麼差別了. 整句話就是說 如果這個"條文"(我猜測的)通過的...

    • 文言英文文法請教:KJV Genesis Ch.4

      ... = shepherd? 抑或是指種田者? 指耕田者。[3] And in process of time it came to pass , that Cain brought of the fruit of the ground an ...

    • 請問這段話要怎麼翻譯成英文呢?20點.謝謝

      ...快點到來. Another month has come to pass, and I count the days till... was taking care of passed away. How come those who deserve to die, don't, while those who don't deserve...