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    • [英文文法] came to her rescue

      ...rescue 則是「救援」的意思,沒有強調「來」。 在實用上, 有些情況只能用 come to someone's rescue,不能用 come to rescue someone。 因為「rescue 某人」一般都是用在那人有危險...

    • come to the rescueg是什麼意思

      是解救、幫助某人的意思。 句型是 come to the rescue of someone 或者 come to someone's rescue 例句: I didn't know anybody at the party, but the hostess came to...

    • 英文自我介紹 急需 拜託拜託各位~

      ...concern for others that makes me popular. I insist on not being tricky. I used to be everybody’s friend because that . I’m enthusiastic and I always come to someones rescue.