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  1. come to the top


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    • 1. 出名;成功 He has finally come to the top in the financial business. 他終於在金融界取得了成功。
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    • 請大家幫我看看英文文法有無錯誤

      ...04-27 17:02:29 補充: 第三則 The oil price has reached/come to the top. I remember that few years ago some experts predicted...

    • 描述四季的英文(專業英文老師)

      ...微風吹動就好像你可以在風中嗅到萬物蓬勃生長一樣。 When the summer comes over, cicadas climb up to the top of trees, buzzing with the sunshine like they are celebrating...

    • 有誰能解說這段翻譯

      ...classical history isn't normally the stuff of boardroom debate, and military tactics, slightly over the top when it comes to corporate takeovers. so why would you look back two and a hand thousand ...