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  1. come up against

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      遭遇(困難, 反對, 等等)
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    • 1. 遭遇(困難, 反對, 等等) The workers came up against their employer's unwillingness to pay higher wages. 這些工人的僱主不情願付出更高的工資。 We expect to come up against a lot of opposition to the scheme. 我們預計這個計劃要遭到很多人反對。


    遭遇(困難, 反對, 等等)

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    • come up

      ... close to you. • Her cat came up and rubbed itself against their legs... 她的貓跑上前...plead not guilty when their cases come up. 案件開庭審理的時候,這些預備役軍人不會...

    • 有哪一位英文前輩知道,有關林書豪講話的英文。謝謝。

      "Sometimes you come up against a mountain and you end up making the mountain seem bigger than God...

    • 英文文法關於一些題目的小細節

      ...that marriage. a. come up with ← 曾經已婚未必有小孩, 用come up with邏輯性不足 b. come up against ← 語意不搭 c. break up with ← 分手, 語意不合裡. d. get along with ← 相處...