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  1. come up for

    • vt.
    • 釋義
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    • 1. 成為…的候選人 he's coming up for promotion 他是此次晉升的候選人
    • 2. 即將經受 to come up for auction/sale 即將被拍賣/降價出售
    • ph.
      作某事的申請人或候選人 She comes up for re-election next year. 在明年的重選中她參加競選。
    • ph.
      在復查或重新考慮中 Your case is coming up for review in May. 你的事情將在五月再研究。
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    • come up

      ...格頓學院設立了一項研究獎學金,我提出申請並且成功獲得。 • The house came up for sale and the couple realised they could just about afford it. 這幢房子放盤...

    • (英文)關於這句子的文法結構^^

      ... could not come up with a proper answer. 他想不出一個合適的回答。 He came up with good ideas for the product promotion. 他想出一個推廣產品的好方法。 所以並沒有"因為...而...

    • 可否請麻煩翻譯下列句子(英翻中) 急!!

      Have there been any issues coming up for now for the integration of Customer support in 3210 from the logistic point of view...