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  1. come up to

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      達到期望; 等於;升到(某點)
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    • 1. 達到期望; 等於 This picture does not come up to the one you showed me yesterday. 這張圖畫不及你昨天給我看的那一張好。 Your work does not come up to the requirements. 你的工作不符合要求。
    • 2. 升到(某點) The water came up to my knees. 水升到了我的膝蓋部位。
    • 3. 從一地來到另一地(尤指由小地方到倫敦或由英格蘭南部到北部); 上倫敦; 北上 She often comes up to London at weekends. 她經常在周末(如由牛津)上倫敦來。 Why don't you come up to Scotland for a few days? 你怎麼不北上到蘇格蘭來住幾天?
    • 4. 開始上大學(尤指牛津或劍橋) She came up to Oxford in 1982. 她1982年(到牛津)上大學。


    達到期望; 等於

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    • come up

      ...走近;走到跟前 If someone comes up or comes up to you, they approach you until they are ... when something important is coming up... 做好日常規劃,這樣一旦發生大事,才能夠...

    • the scientis 歌詞翻譯 翻的好給10分

      ... Scientist 科學家 Come up to meet you, tell you I'm me 告訴我你愛著我 Come back and haunt me 回來並且...著我 Oh and I rush to the start 喔然後我將奔回最初...

    • 幫忙中翻英 假如你走向我 ...

      ... is a look of wonder in David's eyes if he comes up to me. ----David 只要接近我, 就顯露驚奇的目光.